Catch of the Day 2 (Cooking for friends)

12-14 People
8.00 hours
£ 198.00

Many who have joined us for Catch of the Day 1 come back to take this class. Some like to jump straight to this class as it deals with less familiar species of fish and shellfish. Whatever the species on the day you will still enhance your knife skills and learn lots of new techniques to take home. 

Informative, informal and inspiration - the day includes a tutored market visit with one of the experts from the Seafood School.

After one of our seafood breakfasts you will work with a number of seasonal species chosen on the day.

We choose the best on the market for the week, often this will be flat fish including one of the sole group and often a larger fish such as hake - it all depends on the weather and what there is available on the market. 

Throughout the day we talk about sustainability and responsibly sourcing, discuss misconceptions regarding farmed species and where the product we have chosen comes from. We will show you have to prepare the fish and teach you how to use a filleting a steaking knife effectively, including how to keep it sharp. 

Over the last few months we have prepared witch, lemon sole, scallops in the shell, cuttlefish, clams and hake. 
... but it changes with the seasons and the weather. 

We make a seafood stock as part of this course which you will use for lunch to make a Cuttlefish and Prawn Risotto. 

You will then prepare 2 further dishes to take away to serve at home.

The chef trainers will prepare some innovative dishes to give you lots of tips and tricks to give you the confidence to show off your fishmongering and culinary skills when entertaining at home.


06:15am - 14:15pm

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What to Expect

An insightful day with the training team learning about seasonal fish, honing knife and chef skills to produce some impressive dishes.

Who should attend

This is an excellent follow on from Catch of the Day 1 or simply for those who want some smart and stylish entertaining ideas to impress friends and family.

What you take home

Any fish or shellfish that you prepare during the course of the morning and 2 dishes ready to go.

Can I buy fish?

Bring cash with you if you are likely to want to buy product to take away. We have space in our chiller to store purchases for the duration of the course.

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