Catering College Project

12-28 People
5.50 hours
£ 240.00

The Fish and Shellfish project with its focus on sustainability is a project delivered in two parts; A Fish and Shellfish Workshop and an Event organised and delivered by the college in their local community. As a charity as well as using our own funds to deliver this project in the past we have been supported by Seafish and more recently we have secured funding through the M&S Forever Fish Campaign.

We are keen to develop a “partnership” with colleges and support them to encourage students to be confident when using and promoting fish and shellfish whilst at college and as they move into their future careers. By accepting the opportunity to join the course at the market or take part in a course delivered at your college you are committing to also deliver a project in your local community.

The Fish and Shellfish workshop here at Billingsgate Market starts at 6am and includes an escorted visit of the market; hands on filleting and a cooking and tasting session. We aim to finish the workshop by 11.30am. Please note for workshops at the market we ask for a contribution of £130 for small groups of up to 16 students and £240 for groups of up to 28 students towards the cost.

For a Fish and Shellfish workshop delivered in your college we can organise a bespoke session that works for your facilities and students.

The Fish and Shellfish experience at Hastings, East Sussex – please contact us if you would like to visit the beach fishery in Hastings see the landings and market followed by some hands on work in the Classroom on the Coast.  (Limited availability)

College Follow Up Project

You may already have an idea for your project but, as we are keen to develop a “partnership” with colleges you will find some suggestions and indications of the help we can give.

Project Ideas

College Based Opportunities:

* Primary Schools invited to a Seafood Event at your college. The sessions could offer a mixture of identification, preparation, cooking and tasting.

* Secondary schools – GCSE students in England taking the new Food GCSE are asked to fillet a fish, your college could offer a skills workshop for secondary school students – some of you may already offer this type of programme so you could include a focus on fish and shellfish.

* Fish and Shellfish CPD for local teachers and/or school caterers – using the college facilities would perhaps give an opportunity for hands on cookery and filleting.  We have a link to the food teachers centre and would be keen to try and develop this link with colleges.

* Fish and shellfish introduction for other student groups, perhaps the level 1 cohort.

* A Fish and Shellfish theme in the college restaurant, we often hear very positive reports about food in the college restaurants, perhaps you could try and engage with different clients – local “educators”.

* Student competitions

Opportunities out of College:

* Primary and secondary schools may find it is not possible to visit the college or it may not be possible to use college facilities. Delivering workshops at a school it may be possible to work with more classes or students.

* A CPD event might be offered at a local school using this facility rather than the college perhaps linking local cluster groups.

* After school cookery sessions for children and parents

* Filleting and/or cookery sessions for local community groups and clubs such as the Scouts or Girl Guide movement.

* Presenting fish and shellfish at a local food event

What can The Seafood School at Billingsgate offer to support your project?

Funding of the Fish and Shellfish Fish Costs for your planned project – funding is flexible it is possible we could cover all the fish/shellfish costs and help with sourcing.  Funding for fish must be agreed as part of your project planning with us.

Support staff – filleting expertise, chef/trainer, schools contacts, – we may be able to offer support staff for your project and are on hand to help you put together a plan should you need us to.

CPD events- we have contacts with the Food Teachers Centre who would run an event in your college or a local group of schools that you could support.

Delivery and Evaluation

Please liaise with Paula Williams:; before the event takes place.  We can discuss ideas and agree any support with fish costs/staff before the event.

We must also be provided with a report of the event - pictures, social media links etc.

Paula Williams: Schools Coordinator 020 7517 3548

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