Fishmongering Skills Module 1 & 2

10-12 People
10.00 hours
£ 170.00


This course focuses on filleting and cutting skills, but includes quality assessment, species identification cooking methods and tasting.  The aim of the course is to deliver a broad sweep of knowledge which can be the building blocks of a career or can consolidate knowledge already achieved   This one-day practical course enhances skills that are practical in the workplace. The course will suit those already in the industry from fisherman who would like to explore retail opportunities, to  fishmongers or chefs looking to enhance their filleting skills.

The course is available in modular form with the option to book onto the sections of the course you consider to be the most beneficial to your needs.

A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the sections you opt to take.  Should you wish to complete the full profile with City and Guilds you would need to complete Modules 1, 2 and 3.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK MODULE 1 ONLY - Escorted Market Visit 6am – 8.30am
Species identification, quality assessment, sustainability overview

CLICK HERE TO BOOK MODULE 2 ONLY - Hands on cutting and filleting session including a tasting session: 8am – 16.00 pm 
Introduction including quality points, overview of sustainability.  Preparation techniques for fish and shellfish including skinning, fillets and whole fish; portioning – loins, steaks – round and flat fish; Filleting techniques for flat and round fish – cross cut; quarter cut, butterfly.  A mixture of hands on and demonstration with a focus on hands on.
Cooking Methods and stock making will be included as part of the fish preparation session and three of four species will be cooked for a short tasting session as part of a “working” lunch break.

Module 3 – City and Guilds Profile of Achievement.

Registration; Completion of Workbook and Review sheets. Assessment and marking. Please ask for more information if you would like to include this option.

Cost for Module 1 £35
Cost for Module 2 £135
Cost for Modules 1 & 2 £170
Cost for Modules 1 & 2 & 3  £370 - Module 3 cannot be booked on its own.  Please contact the office on 020 7517 3548 to book this module.

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