Friday Evening Seafood

10-12 People
3.50 hours
£ 89.00

Customer feedback...
Fish Classics evening...
Loved the course - very informative, covered lots of different fish and cooking skills and the food was delicious
January 2020
Shellfish Classics evening
A very informative evening - and I especially enjoyed the oyster Po'Boys
Excellent course - thank you SO much

January 2020
Spanish Evening
This was very hands on - the lead instructor was very knowledgeable and gave great tips - very helpful
February 2020

Come,  unwind and LEARN how to prepare a wide selection of seafood and CREATE some fantastic seafood dishes to add to your culinary repertoire!

If you would like to try your hand at some fish and shellfish preparation and some classic and global seafood recipes  - this is the course for you.

This is a HANDS ON PRACTICAL CLASS....and you will be tutored through the session with our seafood chefs to make the most of your prepared fish and shellfish to create the recipes of the evening.  We aim to demonstrate some dishes to taste too. Any leftover fish or prepared dishes you take away with you along with a recipe pack for the evening.

As part of all our classes we will tell you about the day to day activity and the history of Billingsgate Market. We focus closely on choosing the seafood you are working with and talk about sustainability and responsible sourcing of all our fish and shellfish.

Tea and coffee are available at the start of the evening and a glass of wine (or two!) and soft drinks to enjoy with your prepared dishes. 

We provide all ingredients and aprons to use at the school - all you need to do is turn up and roll up your sleeves for an informal and informative evening.

Discounts apply to bookings of 3 or more people - Only when making a telephone booking: 0207 517 3548


TASTE OF THAI - Make your own Pad Thai and Red Seafood Curry 

Working with prawns, monkfish, squid and clams create two classics. The chef team will demonstrate how to make your own red curry paste to use as the base for the
Thai Red Seafood Curry.
We will demonstrate how to make rice noodles and you will make
Prawn Pad Thai
 The chef team will also demonstrate
Tom Yum Goong (Spiced Prawn soup with Galangal).
All served up with Sticky Jasmine Rice and a glass of beer


Working with salt pollock, snapper or Emperor bream, squid and crab, learn how to choose, prepare (including filleting) the seafood of the evening to create
Bacalhau Cremoso (Brazilian salt cod pate)
Casquinha de Siri (Brazilian stuffed crab shells)
Moquera (Brazilian Fish Stew)


Beautifully balanced and healthy style of eating - join us for a Vientamese evening enjoying some classic seafood dishes - Asian with a French influence.
Working with crab, warm water prawns and tilapia - learn how to choose, prepare (incldes filleting) and cook   you will create
Vietnamese Crab Rice Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Seafood and Tofu Curry
Vietnamese Prawn Pho 

Served with rice and noodles.


Working with pollack and coley fillets, roker (thornback ray) wings, brown shrimp, plaice and scallops - learn how to choose, prepare and cook some of our very best British seasonal seafood to create the following dishes to enjoy with some specially selected English wines.
Deep-fried 'Fish and Chips' Fingers (with King Edward Potato Chips - master the art of deep-frying brilliantly!)
Poached Ray Wing with Potted Brown Shrimp Butter
Plaice, Scallop and Bacon with Vintage Cheddar and Parsley Crumb
The chef team will demonstrate how to make Dressed Crab

Taste of New Orleans

Working with crayfish everyone will make some Cajun Popcorn.  
Learn how to make a rich brown roux and crab broth  to create  Seafish Gumbo - using prawns, oysters and monkfish
The chef team will demonstrate how to smoke oysters and cook Jambalaya to serve alongside... and of course chilled beer...



18:30pm - 21:30pm

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  • Description
Techniques covered

Something different every evening. Come and learn how to prepare a number of different species of seafood to give you confidence to cook fabulous seafood dishes for your friends.

What to Expect

Join the chef trainer from the school to cover fish preparation techniques and then create a simple first course followed by a complex main.

Who should attend

Those who want to enjoy more seafood and gain confidence in preparing and cooking different species.

What you take home

A recipe pack and any seafood you have prepared and haven't eaten.

Can I buy fish?

If you would like extra fish to prepare at home, please place an order at time of booking, or call a week prior to discuss

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