Mastering the Art

12-14 People
6.00 hours
£ 168.00

Mastering the Art is a popular course and an excellent way to spend a Saturday. Led by one of our experienced trainers you will spend the day learning how to prepare and cook both fish and shellfish in a variety of ways. A light lunch is served during the course. 

What our customers say about this course:

'Fantastic! Learnt so many recipes and techniques'

'The course beat my expectations. I enjoyed the friendly, open atmosphere and of course the feast at the end!'

'Hands-on preparations were informative and fun - loved it!'

The strong emphasis on this day is not only the fish prepared, but also on hot tips from an experienced chef on stock and sauce making, various cooking techniques, marinades and flavours that complement the seasonal fish prepared.

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08:30am - 14:30pm

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Techniques covered

Techniques includes: trimming, scaling, gutting, filleting, skinning, pin-boning along with the preparation of some of shellfish. The species will depend on seasonality and availability on the day.

What to Expect

We apologize, but we are unable to offer an early morning escorted market visits on a Saturday as the market is too busy. At the start of the course at 8.30am, we offer you tea and coffee and a brief introduction to the day. You spend the first part of the morning learning fish preparation techniques and knife skills, working with a selection of species. During a coffee break you will make a fish stock before completing your knife skills session. You will prepare some fish for a light lunch. During the course of the morning you will make stock and a couple of recipes to take away. A number of innovative recipes will be demonstrated during the day. This course will focus on sauce making and marinades to complement the fish prepared: the species of recipes vary with the seasons but could include: Salt Pollack and Coley Fish Cakes with Chilli Tomato Salsa, Prawn pilaf , Grilled Sea Bass with Seafood Bisque Sauce, En papillote with seaweed and flavored butter . All recipes prepared serve 2.

Who should attend

This class is open to anyone wanting to learn more about a variety of species of seafood and an absolute must if you want to learn how to prepare and cook fish under the watchful eye of an expert.

What you take home

We will email a recipe booklet covering the recipes prepared that day. A selection of prepared seafood, please bring a cool bag.

Can I buy fish?

If you buy extra fish we do have a chiller to store it during the course of the day. We have limited freezer space.

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