Saturday Breakfast and Seafood Preparation

1-14 People
3.00 hours
£ 58.00

Guest feedback:

"This day exceeded my expectations. It was great to be coached through and given confidence to execute the fish preparation, the trainer engaged everyone and ensured we were all included"
May 2019

What better way to start the weekend - but a morning at the Seafood School situated above the iconic Billingsgate Seafood Market

The START time is up to you... either join us at the school at 7am to register and have a quick cup of tea or coffee and we can explain how the market operates and ideas about seasonal fish so you get a feel for what will be a good purchase if you want to buy extra fish. Feel free to make extra purchases as we have a large walk in chiller to store this for the duration of the course.
 You head onto the market on your own to explore and make extra purchases if you wish. We are unable to offer an escorted market visit on this course as the market is too busy on a Saturday morning. Return to the first floor for breakfast at 8am....

OR if you prefer a later start (and a lie in!)...Join us at 8am for a briefing and to enjoy one of our 'fish' breakfasts served with tea and coffee before embarking on a fish OR shellfish preparation session - SEE SELECT SPECIES ON THE DATES BELOW.

Once breakfast is finished, spend 75- 90 minutes learning the ropes, working with the designated species on the day. If you have purchased extra fish there may be time for our team to advise on preparation and cooking.

This course is hands-on seafood preparation only with NO cooking, although we will give you lots of information about the seafood prepared and how to STORE/FREEZE AND COOK IT. We hand out recipes during the session - with a full description on how to complete the dish at home. 

Learn how to choose, skin and fillet a monkfish tail. You will also prepare an Asian marinade and other ingredients required to cook Stir-fried Chilli Monkfish with Pak Choi - to take away and cook at home for lunch. All you will need to serve this with is noodles or rice.

Learn how to choose and fillet a hake. You will create a Tikka marinade and we will demonstrate an Asian Slaw recipe to make Tikka Marinated Hake Goujons with Asian Slow to finish and cook at home. All you will need is Naan bread and Mango Chutney to serve.


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  • Description
What to Expect

Learn about the market then explore on your own A light market fish breakfast followed by a hands on practical session.

Who should attend

Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in an informal morning learning about specific species of fish

What you take home

The seafood that you have prepared and a recipe idea for your fish.

Can I buy fish?

Attendees will have an opportunity to purchase extra seafood - both fresh and frozen during market hours. Remember to bring cash as most companies won't take cards

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"Brilliant course would definitely book again"

- By Tom132 -

" Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Take care!"

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