Seafood Discovery Lunches

1-30 People
3.00 hours
£ 60.00



Back by popular demand our next tasting lunch to celebrate seafood - both fish and shellfish on Monday 9th December.

Philippa Carr MW and our Principal - CJ Jackson will work together to present wines to match some of CJ's popular dishes demonstrated on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch
This is the perfect way to enjoy seafood and an exciting opportunity to learn something new with Master of Wine, Philippa Carr, who will provide expert tuition as part of the day.

The session starts with a short demonstration with CJ Jackson looking at the seafood dishes presented as part of the tasting lunch.  Philippa will then take the reins to present a tutored wine tasting to match the seafood dishes that we have prepared for you. This includes a few  individual dishes as a tasting menu.

Once all the tasting is done CJ and the team will present a sweet course and a cup of coffee to complete the day.

CJ's recipe tasters will include:

Cured Anchovies in Marjoram, Lemon and Olive Oil
Seafood School Taramasalata with Crudite
Crab Thermidor
Roast Roker with Wild Caper, Mint and Anchovy Butter
Grilled Mackerel with Korean Chilli Baste and Kimchi
Tempura Pollock with Samphire and Wasabi Mayo



About Philippa Carr MW – Wine Guru, Writer and Presenter

It all began when a passion for wine was sparked at University where running the student Wine Circle went glass in hand with my studies and it dawned on me that I could make a career out of tasting and talking about wine.

I’ve been lucky to work in many different roles from buying for national retailers, managing a fine wine merchant, writing, teaching, presenting at numerous corporate and consumer events like Taste of London and the BBC Good Food Show and ‘starring’ alongside actors and chefs in videos and TV adverts. However, I’ve always loved sharing my enthusiasm for wine in a relaxed and friendly fashion so leading the wine courses at Leith’s School of Food of Wine for six years was a real career highlight for me.

In 1991 I passed the arduous exams to become a Master of Wine – a qualification so exclusive that more people have gone into Space than become MW’s.

And now, after a decade of creating award-winning wines for a major supermarket I have returned to my first love, writing and talking about wine where I bring a huge sense of fun and a passionate love of wine to my informative and engaging tasting events.

CJ Jackson - Principal of The Seafood School at Billingsgate since 2005 and regular presenter on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch

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