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Sushi & Sashimi Saturday Workshop

12-14 People
5.00 hours
£ 168.00

Sashimi and Sushi Making Class

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Our sushi making class is delivered by Silla Bjerrum, the founder of London based Feng Sushi and now . Director of Food Development for Hana Group.

Silla focuses on the key ingredients and techniques used in Japanese cooking and de-mystifies the making of sushi and sashimi. The course includes the preparation of several types of sushi and sashimi, but includes minimal fish preparation.

The day begins with tea or coffee and a short introduction to the day explaining techniques used and recipes to be cooked. During a hands-on practical session you are guided through the preparation of sushi and sashimi. Advice is given on how to cook sushi rice to perfection and then with Silla's innovative style - there is an opportunity to create a selection of sushi and sashimi. Some of these are enjoyed for lunch the rest is packed away for you to take home.

We are unable to offer an escorted market visit on a Saturday, but you are welcome to arrive early and wander around trade floor before the session begins.

Redeeming a gift voucher? Please do not book below, telephone the administration team on 0207 517 3548 with your voucher number.


08:30am - 14:00pm

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What to Expect

A fabulous and informative morning learning how to cut fish for use in sushi: nori maki and nigiri.

Who should attend

Anyone wanting to learn more about making sushi and sashimi and how to choose the freshest fish and shellfish.

What you take home

Beautifully presented sushi and sashimi prepared on the day.

Can I buy fish?

You can buy seafood before the course and store this in our fish chiller for the duration of the course. For more information about any of our sashimi and sushi making classes, please contact our offices in Billingsgate, London on 0207 517 3548

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