The MFS Course DAY 2

- People
6.45 hours
£ 235.00

Day 2:

9:00 am – 3.45 pm, 2nd of May 2018
£235 (including lunch) for the whole day or £65 for the Retail and Hand and Preparation Skills course or £130 for the Nutrition and Cooking course)

Retail Display Skills

As one of the first things your customer sees, your retail display is extremely important to your business. Showcasing your products whilst maintaining high hygiene standards and mitigating health and safety risks is no easy task, however! During this course, you’ll learn about seafood presentation, quality control, health and safety and contamination risks, as well as how to deliver plans and targets for your fish counter.


Hand and Preparation Skills

Taught by one of our expert Master Fishmongers, this course will teach you how to prepare a wide range of flat and round fish species to achieve maximum yield in efficient times. You’ll learn the importance of tools and equipment maintenance, as well as specialist techniques for specific fish species, you’ll practice shellfish preparation, as well as understand the risks of cross contamination.  


Nutrition and Cooking

Working in pairs, you’ll be taught a range of delicious seafood recipes that you can pass onto your customers, as well as insightful nutritional information that you’ll be able to use to boost sales. Your customers will soon be lining up for tips and you’ll notice that your sales go through the roof!

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