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Weekdays: Catch of the Day 1 (Learning the basics)

Gain the confidence and learn the skills to know what fish to buy, how to prepare it and the best way to cook it at home. Enjoy an early morning tutored visit of Billingsgate when the market is in full swing.  Learn about the huge range of species that are available on the market…

12-14 People
8.00 hours
£ 198.00
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Weekends: Special Saturday Breakfast and Seafood Preparation

Join us at the school at 7am to register have a quick cup of tea or coffee and then one of our team will talk for a few minutes to explain how the market operates so you get a feel for what will be a good purchase if you want to buy extra fish. You head onto the market on your own…

1-14 People
2.50 hours
£ 58.00
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Weekdays: Knife Skills - Gut, fillet and shuck like a fishmonger

Learn about Billingsgate and enjoy a tutored market visit with the experts at the Seafood School.  Spend an informal, but informative day learning the basics of fishmongering with one of our training team. Gain lots of confidence in fish preparation to be able to hone your skills…

10-12 People
7.00 hours
£ 180.00
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Weekends: Shellfish Catch

This Saturday morning (8.30am - 1.30pm) is a hands on practical session learning how to prepare a number of types of shellfish some to enjoy for a light lunch and the rest to take home: crab, prawns, cuttlefish/squid, scallops, clams and mussels. Everyone prepares the shellfish and…

15-15 People
5.00 hours
£ 120.00
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Evenings: Seafood & Beer Tasting Evening

Seafood & Beer Discovery Evening  Thursday 13th April 2017 - 6.30pm The Billingsgate Seafood School is presenting a very special Seafood Discovery Evening with a Beer tasting  in partnership with  The East London Brewery.  The East London Brewing…

15-30 People
3.00 hours
£ 75.00
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 THIS COURSE HAS 2 SESSIONS ONLY ON THE 14TH APRIL - GOOD FRIDAY  Fish is a traditional meal for Good Friday - and our choice this year is a fabulous fish stew from the Catalan region, enhanced with the addition of Picada - a nut paste. Join us for Hot Cross Buns…

8-16 People
3.00 hours
£ 75.00
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THIS COURSE HAS 1 SESSION ONLY ON THE 15TH APRIL - EASTER SATURDAY  Book one place for £80 or two for £150 - a great morning out with a friend Billingsgate Chowder and Bread Bowl morning.... Join us at 9.00am for Smoked Salmon Bagels, tea and coffee and an insight…

1-16 People
3.50 hours
£ 80.00
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