Fish to Food course @ Billingsgate - for Primary Schools

An opportunity for children to take part in a course delivered at the Seafood School at Billingsgate.  The children would usually be split into two groups.

One group are introduced to the variety of fish species available and discuss how and where the fish live focusing on the issue of sustainability.  A fishmonger will demonstrate how fish is prepared ready for cooking and identify the parts of the fish.

The second group help to prepare a selection of recipes focusing on the health benefits of eating seafood and the ease and speed of cooking. All the dishes prepared are shared in a tasting session.

The groups swap over so the children take part in both sessions.

Comments from YR 5 children - Sir Francis Drake School:

"Children like me would love learning about fish. I don't know how to thank you."  - Karol
" The most amazing thing is that I hated fish before.  The reason why is that I've never eaten it before." - Husain

Age Group Yrs 4 – 6
Timings 10am – 1.30pm
Lunches: Children eat a packed lunch in the classroom area
Minimum 24 children – Maximum 36

Cost: These courses are funded by the profits on the commercial courses run by the Seafood School.  In order to offer as many schools as possible an opportunity to take part in a course we ask for a Voluntary Contribution.

To Book: Click contact us and select Education Booking Enquiry as the subject.