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Posted on December 20, 2013 by CJ

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MITCH TONKS WORKSHOP  - Thursday 23rd November

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About Mitch Tonks... Food Writer and Restaurateur
Rockfish – 2017 Winners of National Seafish Fish & Chip Awards for Best Multiple Operator & the Good Catch Sustainability Award
The Seahorse – Sunday Times Top 100 UK restaurants 2017
Rockfish  |  Devon  |  therockfish.co.uk



 **Kids afternoon (you can accompany your child - or just drop them off with us for a couple of hours to     prepare your dinner) This class is £65 for two children or an adult and child. **

 The nights are drawing in, get your children engaging with their food, this is a practical session where the children will prepare their fish and  cook simple but effect fish supper ideas to either eat here in our dining room, or take home for the family to enjoy together.  Click HERE for more    information



Christmas Is Coming

If you are planning a visit to Billingsgate over the Christmas period to stock up on seafood - why not join us for a festive breakfast, and one of our team will be able to help you prepare some fresh fish to take home and impress friends and family!