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Fish-2-Food for Primary Schools

As a charitable organisation, the Billingsgate Seafood School (situated at Billingsgate Market) aims to encourage future generations to be confident consumers of the wonderful variety of seafood available to us.

We deliver courses to schools as part of an outreach programme and at our facilities at Billingsgate Market. The teachers resources' in this section are designed to support our Fish-2-Food course and the visits or activities schools may arrange with supermarkets, local shops, fishing ports or markets.

We have identified areas of the National Curriculum (England) for key stages 1 & 2 but there is also scope for teachers to develop their own links as part of a cross - curricular project.

  • Design and Technology - Cooking and Nutrition
  • Science
  • Geography
  • PSHE
  • Art and Design

We have a dedicated email adress where you and/or children can send pictures of recipe dishes, letters or stories about fish. Tell us your favourite fish, recipe, tale or joke. You might even like to ask us a question.



The resources are organised into 3 sections with Teachers' Notes, Activity Ideas and Pupil Worksheets for each section.

 Types of Fish and Shellfish
Fascinating Facts
 Pupil Worksheets



 DVD (from sea to plate) 
  Catching Fish and Shellfish
 Farming Fish and Shellfish
Pupil Worksheets




 Shopping for Fish and Shellfish
 A day in the Life of Billingsgate (market timelaspe video)
 Healthy Eating with Fish and Shellfish
Pupil worksheets