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Thursday Evening... Fish 2 Dish

Our programme of Fish to Dish evening classes is a great way to develop your knowledge and skills, build your kitchen confidence and broaden your repertoire.

Join us for a relaxed evening’s cooking, talking and eating all things seafood…. and a glass or two of chilled white wine! By taking one of our classes you will not only be learning some great new skills but will also be supporting our charitable educational programmes for school children and young people pursuing careers as fishmongers and chefs and in the wider seafood industry.

Please be aware of our policy on allergies and dietary restrictions which is available here. The availability of fish is very weather dependent. If we cannot buy the species referred to in this description of the class, we will always provide a suitable alternative. The dishes referred to in the description may also be subject to change.
Thursday Evening... Fish 2 Dish

Thursday Evening... Fish 2 Dish

The schedule is the following:

Thursday 21st October

Oysters - Po'Boys

Learn to to choose, store and shuck a rock oyster - try a couple raw - and then create a New Orleans favourite - deep fried with Sriracha Mayo to serve.


Thursday 18th November

Scallops - Seared

Two skills in one evening! Learn how to prepare diver-caught scallops and how to cook a classic beurre blanc to enjoy them with.


Thursday 2nd December

Salmon - to Cure

Take a side of salmon and learn how to cure it as Gravadlax - and ready to freeze for Christmas. Learn how to slice a pre-cured sample to taste.