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Gut Shuck & Fillet

Gut Shuck & Fillet

Gut Shuck & Fillet

GUT, SHUCK & FILLET is a fantastic morning’s hands-on class for beginners and experienced home cooks wanting to learn the art of preparing fish and shellfish.

You will learn the basics of fish and shellfish preparation from one of our experienced fishmonger tutors with lots of helpful tips on buying, storing and cooking.

You will practice, cleaning, skinning, filleting, shucking and dressing a range of different types of seasonal fish and shellfish.

We will teach you how to handle, sharpen and care for your knives.

Our aim is to send you you home full of confidence with lots of new skills and a bag full of fish to enjoy cooking at home. 

We provide everything you will need for the class. There is free parking for our students at the market. Visit our FAQs for more information about how to get to here and what to wear.



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