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Fishmongering Skills Module 1

Fishmongering Skills Module 1

Fishmongering Skills Module 1

Lead by one of our industry team, you will be taken around the hustle and bustle of Billingsgate Market! Well known for its wide variety of species. Flown in from all corners of the world - Billingsgate provides the perfect opportunity to learn about species identification, as well as how to assess freshness and quality in these species. You’ll finish the visit with a light breakfast in time for the rest of the day’s activities.

The first class of the day is one of the most important skills a fishmonger should have - ensuring your customers get the best quality products! Here you’ll learn how to assess quality in whole / filleted fish and raw shellfish. It will also introduce you to different methods of assessing fish using quality assessment schemes, such as TORRY and Quality Index Monitoring and how to process seafood products, such as smoked fish. Poor quality seafood will never go unnoticed again! 

The course is available in modular form with the option to book onto the sections of the course you consider to be the most beneficial to your needs.
A certificate of attendance will be issued on completion of the sections you opt to take.  Should you wish to complete the full profile with City and Guilds you would need to complete Modules 1, 2 and 3.  



This is a 2.50 hour Course - Course Size  6-12 People - Course Times  06:00am - 8:30pm