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Frequently asked questions

What and where is the nearest DLR Station?
Blackwall DLR is a short distance from the market (about a 5 min walk).
What and where is the nearest tube station?
Canary Wharf is on the Jubilee line and a brisk 8 minute walk from the market. Those using this route need to know that there is only 1 entrance to the market in Trafalgar Way , so it is worth locating that before leaving the Wharf.
Are there several entrances to Billingsgate Market?
NO! There is only one entrance and that is on Trafalgar Way . First time visitors to the market very often walk the long way around the market just to find the entrance.
Would I find the market on Sat.Nav?
Many guests say that the market does not come up on Sat Nav.
Can I park at the market?
Yes, there is free parking to all our visitors. We advise that you display a parking permit that is sent within your joining instructions. We do also advise that if you are arriving to join a course early that you give yourself 10 mins to park as the car park is usually very busy in the morning (particularly on a Saturday).
What time should I arrive?
We have various rooms on the market. Registration takes place in Office 28 - on the first floor of the market. This is our lecture room and a place where you can leave your coat. There are staircases in each corner of the market that will take you up to the first floor.
What do I bring?
We supply everything for the course, but we do advise that you bring a cool bag as for most courses you will have fish to take away with you at the end of the day.
What do I wear?
We suggest comfortable and casual clothing and solid foot wear that you don't mind getting a little damp. Heels or open toed sandals or shoes are prohibited on the market. If the weather is cold wear several layers as the market can be very chilly. We supply white coats for the market visits and other protective clothing for fish preparation and cooking sessions.
Can I buy fish on the market?
The market is open to the general public and there are opportunities to buy some fish. Some merchants will only sell whole boxes, but if you want something we will try to help you. Do bear in mind that if you are joining a preparation or cooking class you will have fish to take away with you at the end of the day. If you do want to buy something extra, bring plenty of cash as it is a cash only market - no cheques or cards.
What fish do we work with?
We usually try and give an idea of the species that we intend to work with on any course. But due to fluctuating weather - and fishing conditions - along with seasonality, we do occasionally switch species at the last minute due to lack of availability.
Do you sell publications and equipment to prepare fish?
We have a small selection of publications about fish preparation, species identification and cooking along with all the tools of the trade.