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Catch of the Day


What to expect on CATCH OF THE DAY

  • Gain confidence and skills to understand more about seafood
  • What to look for when buying seafood (both fish and shellfish)
  • How to prepare it or what to ask a fishmonger to do for you
  • How to store fish (fridge or freezer)
  • Learn a number of cooking methods and the skills to execute this well at home.
Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day


This is an 8 hour Course

Course Size 6-12 People

Course Times 06:00 - 14:00 - Please arrive at 05:45 for registration.

 Techniques covered

Pin-bone, skin, scale, clean and fillet various SEASONAL fish. A little shellfish preparation - usually mussels for use in stock

 What to Expect

An educational guided market visit during trading hours

Refreshments during the course including a 'fish breakfast', tea, coffee and soft drinks and lunch. 

Learn some tricks of the trade under instruction of our tutors, prepare a number of fish (and a little shellfish)

Make a fish stock as a basis for The Seafood Stew of the Day - this changes with the seasons.

Enjoy a number of demonstrations and tastings on how to cook various species of fish to include several cooking methods.

We will supply a recipe pack for the day and containers. We suggest that you bring a cool bag with you to take your prepared fish away. 

 Who should attend

Anyone wanting to improve their knowledge and gain confidence in choosing, preparing and cooking fish. Some fish knowledge is useful but not essential for this course.

 What you take home

All the fish that you prepare during the course of the day. A Seafood Stew to serve at home.

 Can I buy fish?

You most certainly can.... bring some cash and make it known on arrival that you would like to buy. We can store all purchases during the course in our onsite chiller.


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