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London City Food Markets Food Inspection / Identification Course


The course itinerary includes:

· Lectures on food law and legislation, fish and meat quality

· Practical sessions on dried goods, fruit and vegetable ID and fish & meat species identification.

· Early morning visits to Billingsgate Market and Smithfield Meat Market provides the perfect opportunity to learn about species identification, as well as how to assess freshness and quality in these species


A full course information pack that includes the itinerary, what is required, accommodation suggestions etc can be provided on request to

Note: Please do not book this course through our website. Please call 0205 517 3548 or email

London City Food Markets Food Inspection / Identification Course

London City Food Markets Food Inspection / Identification Course


Students will on the successful completion be able to:

· Identify various food products including meat, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetable in a processed and unprocessed state

· Assess whether a food item is wholesome and fit

· Evaluate and apply the legislation available to control and prevent unsafe food entering the food chain.

· Be competent in practical food inspection for retail



The course is assessed by oral and written examination covering all the primary foods at the point of sale. This is a measure of competence and is thus assessed as Pass/Fail basis only.

The assessment will test the candidate’s knowledge of the identification, the diseases and conditions, the pathology and public health implications, the diagnosis and judgements regarding wholesomeness and fitness for human consumption of all the main food types available at the point of sale. Issues of food importation, labelling, traceability, health mark, adulteration and condition will be addressed where appropriate. The examination will also test the candidate’s knowledge and judgment concerning what action to take in respect of each specimen, the legislative framework for such action, as well as knowledge of food inspection techniques and the ability to carry out these techniques.


A personalised Certificate will be issued to each successful candidate by The City Markets Course to confirm that they have achieved a Pass in Practical Food Inspection. This will be signed by the examiners.


The cost of the course is £675 for the full week excluding accommodation. We aim to provide a light breakfast, lunch and refreshments during the course, but no evening meal.

All payments will need to be made by Tuesday 30th November 2021.

Confirmation Places are on first come first serve basis. Please confirm contact us at / 0207 517 3548 if you are interested in attending or have any questions which we would be delighted to assist with.